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Swagelok Sweden

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Process analyzer sampling system training

Learn how to prevent costly sampling system errors that skew process analyzer results. Then, design and build your own sampling system using what you learned.

This 5-day, interactive course is offered worldwide — even at your site. Essential for technicians, chemists, engineers, or anyone involved in the design, building, operation, or maintenance of process analyzer sampling systems.

The course is held in English several times per year. Read more about PASS Training and view the upcoming course calendar on Swagelok’s website: Process Analyzer Sampling System Training

If you are interested in attending a PASS course in Sweden, contact Håkan Jonasson via e-mail or call +46 31-28 92 90.


  • ”Now I have another tool to do my job even better.”
  • ”It was really fun to trade experiences with both the teacher and other students, and the course material was really good.”
  • ”Enthusiastic and very competent teacher. Good and diverse material.”
  • ”In the group project, we got to design and construct a sample system from the ground up, following specific criteria. It was an effective way of testing the knowledge we gained because most of the elements of the course were included, and that’s what we will ultimately use this education for anyway.”