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Swagelok Sweden

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Training and Education

The inspection requirements for welded piping systems are normally very extensive compared to systems built with fittings. However, we know that in many cases these applications have the same design and operating data (pressure, temperature and media). Because processing systems and impulse lines usually sit in direct contact with each other, we believe that the requirements for installation and inspection should be equated. It is only when considering the entire system and overall management that real control over safety, environment, and economy can be attained. With that in mind, we at Swagelok Sweden have developed Swagelok School, Safety Training Seminar (STS) for Fittings, STS for Valves, and STS for Regulators.

The aim of Swagelok Sweden's training courses is to increase the overall safety level and cost efficiency of tubing applications in every industry in Sweden. Experiences from our customers show that the number of incorrect assemblies and amount of leakage clearly declined following completion of our courses. Through training, you will be able to reduce the risk of unplanned shutdowns and accidents while providing control over safety, environment, and economy.

To achieve consistent quality management, all relevant staff should be trained. Naturally, this applies to designers, installers, engineers, and operations staff, as well as purchasers. This increases awareness of the practical considerations that must be taken in installations. As a result, construction work will be more geared toward simplifying the installation work and preventive maintenance.

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  • May 31-June 2, 2022

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