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Swagelok Sweden

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

The global energy transition is moving quickly.

 Is your team ready to work safely with hydrogen?

hydrogen solutions for safety & reliability

Ensure consistency, promote safety, reduce costs, and increase uptime with Swagelok Sweden's training programs.


We can help you enhance your team's critical skills for designing, building, and maintaining high-performing fluid systems.

Swagelok Sweden is committed to providing our customers with exceptional training options that align with their specific needs.

The integrity and performance of your fluid system, whether liquid or gas, depends on a combination of elements: good design, quality components, and competent assembly and installation by qualified personnel. Improve the overall safety of the work environment, increase productivity, and keep abreast of the latest fluid system technologies with our comprehensive customer training and education programs.

Swagelok Sweden's courses are:

  • Held by experienced trainers with abundant industry knowledge
  • Focused on both theory and practice
  • Customizable
  • Available at our locations, your location or online

Explore our courses below or contact our training team to customize a program for your business.

Our Courses

Hydrogen mobility: everything you need to know

Hydrogen Solutions for Safety & Reliability

Developed for those working within the hydrogen industry, this training aims to provide an awareness of standards and best practices when working with high pressure hydrogen applications and gas delivery systems.

Swagelok training essentials tube bending

Swagelok School

This in-depth 3-day course mixes theory and practice to ensure system integrity and minimize leakage risks. Participants learn how to build and maintain dependable systems. 

Swagelok Training and Education Services

Safety Training Seminar: Tube Fittings

This course aims to raise the safety and efficiency of fitting applications through correct product selection, preparation, and installation.

Swagelok 60 series process ball valve

Safety Training Seminar: Valves

Learn to choose the right valves for your applications by identifying proper valve types and functions, understanding key features and construction, and identifying common issues.


Regulator Basics

Learn how to choose the right regulators for your system with this 2-part course on the considerations that must be made during regulator selection, installation, maintenance, and operation.

cone and thread fittings

Medium/High Pressure Cone & Thread Essentials

This practical course on cone and thread preparation, installation, and connection inspection aims to enable safe, optimal performance in medium- and high-pressure systems.

FK medium pressure tube fittings

Safety Training Seminar: FK-Series Medium Pressure

This course covers the design characteristics of Swagelok® FK series fittings as well as how to prepare and install them for safe medium-pressure gas and liquid systems.

Orbital weld training

M200 Orbital Weld Demonstration

Get an overview of how the M200 Orbital weld system works, how to set up the machine, and how to weld different pipes.  

Offshore Oil and Gas Platform

NOG Guideline 143: Fittings & Small Bore Tubing Systems

This 2-day course held at Swagelok Norway's locations in Stavanger and Porsgrunn includes both theoretical and practical training that authorizes participants to do fitting installations for the oil companies on the Norwegian continental shelf.

Process analyzer sampling system training

Process Analyzer Sampling System (PASS) Training

These courses will teach participants how to design and optimize process analyzer sampling systems, providing the sound design principles needed to prevent costly sampling system errors and deliver timely, accurate results.

Materials Science

Customized Training

We will gladly work with you to customize training programs for your specific requirements. Call +46 8-626 28 00 or click here to contact us and find out how we can make sure your team gets the training they need.

Virtual tube fitting and installation training

Webinars on Demand

Only have an hour to spare? Check out Swagelok's catalog of on-demand webinars on a variety of subjects.