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Swagelok Sweden

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

The global energy transition is moving quickly.

Is your team ready to work safely with hydrogen?

hydrogen solutions for safety & reliability

If you're working with the fuels of the future, you know the risks. We do too.

Swagelok Sweden has decades of experience and expertise in the containment and management of hazardous fluids and small-molecule gases under pressure.

Swagelok products and the solutions and services we provide locally are created, designed, and delivered specifically to meet and exceed the needs of companies engaged in the pursuit of environmentally safe and sustainable energy business opportunities. As a result, we are exceptionally qualified to help our customers meet and overcome the fluid system (liquid and gas) challenges unique to Sweden's Clean Energy industry.


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Explore below to find out how we support the hydrogen energy market. 

hydrogen fitting infographic

Hydrogen Compatible Products

Overcome the challenges with high-quality, leak-tight components that are compatible for use in hydrogen on-vehicle and infrastructure applications.

Swagelok Training and Education Services

Safety Training: Hydrogen Solutions for Safety & Reliability

Work more safely with hydrogen by improving fluid system design, installation, inspection, operation, and maintenance capabilities.

hydrogen production

High Integrity Solutions for an Evolving Market

Read more about how Swagelok supports the fast-growing hydrogen energy industry with fluid system solutions.