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Swagelok Sweden

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Team Members


Emelie Pederson
Director of Operations
Customer Service Manager – Sweden

Bengt Eltervåg
Customer Service Manager – Norway

Anna Berntson
Finance Manager – Sweden

Ellen Skartvedt
Finance Manager – Norway

Calle Andersson
Supply Chain Manager

Kim Henning Madland
Logistics Manager – Norway 

Vidar Haugen
Quality & Compliance Manager


Sales & Marketing

Eric Rådegård
General Manager                             
Director of Sales & Marketing

Espen Vatland
Business Development Manager

Damara Andersson
Marketing & Communications


Engineering Services

Thomas Punsvik Olsen
Field Services Team Leader


Per Nilsson
Training Manager – Sweden

Eric Björklund
Design & Assembly Project Manager 
– Sweden

Thor Olsen
Design & Assembly Project Manager
– Norway