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Grab Sample Systems

Grab Sampling Panels and Supporting Services for Industrial Applications

Sampling reliability is necessary to optimize your costs and ensure the quality of your process outputs, but finding the right system requires careful analysis of a variety of factors such as sample pressure, temperature, phase, compatibility, and chemical composition. Whether you need an analysis of your systems or sampling practices by fluid system experts or you simply need safe, easy-to-use grab sampling systems built to your specifications, we can help.

Look to Swagelok Sweden for:

  • Industry-leading sampling expertise
  • Local design, assembly, and support
  • Standard designs built according to best practices
  • Adaptability to meet system requirements
  • Assembly and testing by certified technicians
  • One supplier for all components and single part numbers for assemblies


Explore how reliable Swagelok grab sampling solutions help to preserve product quality.

Configurable, Local, Reliable Grab Sampling Assemblies

Our standard grab sampling panels are fully configurable, locally built and supported, and reliable, safely capturing accurate, representative process samples and maintaining their chemical composition during storage or transport for later analysis. Our sampling panels not only consistently provide reliable performance, but are also designed to maximize operator safety, ease of use, and uptime.

We offer two types of grab sampling systems that provide gas and liquid non-slurry sampling service in consistent, reliable packages. Grab sampling panels assembled by Swagelok Sweden's technicians can be ordered as a single part number, allowing you to easily purchase sampling solutions that are easy to install, operate, and maintain and that are optimized to perform well in your operations.

The Swagelok GSL liquid-only grab sampling system

  • The Swagelok® grab sample module (GSM) is a sampling panel that uses sealed, metal, pressure-containing cylinders to capture either liquid or gas. This closed-loop sampling system uses differential pressure to drive fluid through the sampling system, ensuring fluid is fresh and ready for sample capture.

The Swagelok GSM for grab sampling liquid or gas

  • The Swagelok® grab sample liquid (GSL) is a liquid-only sampling system for drawing fluid into a non-pressure-containing laboratory bottle with a self-sealing septum cap in applications where the process fluid is not at risk of fractionating or evaporating when stored at atmospheric pressure.

Designed by Swagelok Engineers. Optimized for You.

All Swagelok grab sampling systems are designed to protect both your personnel and your profitability, then configured locally by fluid system specialists to meet your specifications.

Swagelok grab sampling systems are designed for safety

Designed for Safety

Swagelok grab sampling systems separate the process pressure from the sample bottle and user, preventing overfilling and overpressure conditions. Our panels are also designed with features to minimize the opportunity for operator error, such as a spring-return handle on the sample draw mechanism of the GSL that prevents unintentional dispensing.

Swagelok grab sampling systems are designed for ease of use

Designed for Ease of Use

Swagelok grab sampling systems are designed to reduce the number of sequencing steps required for sampling and are built for streamlined maintenance, as well. A switching valve configuration on GSM and fixed-volume GSL panels allows for simultaneous control of fluid routing and gives a clear indication of sequencing to the operator and components such as gauges can be isolated during maintenance to minimize downtime.

Swagelok grab sampling systems are designed for reliable results

Designed for Reliable Results

Closed-loop GSM sampling panels provide fresh samples to cylinders that hold samples at the same process conditions that existed during sampling, giving confidence that the sample is representative. A GSL can use glass laboratory bottles that provide immediate feedback on the visual quality of a sample stream. All our grab sampling panels are assembled with Swagelok tube fittings, reducing potential leak points.

Swagelok grab sampling systems can be customized with a variety of accessories to suit your operations, including additional instrumentation, sample coolers, automation, exotic alloys, different mounting options, and more.


Accessible Grab Sampling Support

Our highly trained engineers and technicians will work closely with you to determine the right type of panels and proper configurations to meet your specific needs. Once they have assessed your current systems and discussed your sampling requirements, they will recommend, configure, and assemble grab sampling panels that meet your specifications.


Swagelok Sampling System Evaluation and Advisory can help you improve operational performance and safety.

Sampling System Evaluation and Advisory

Want an even deeper analysis of your sampling systems and practices? Our Swagelok® grab sampling evaluation and advisory services team can visit your facilities to help you:

  • Improve operational performance
  • Eliminate potential safety and environmental concerns
  • Achieve more representative samples on a regular basis

Swagelok sampling system training can help you prevent, diagnose, and eliminate costly issues

Sampling System Training

Our sampling specialists can also help equip your team with the knowledge to prevent, diagnose, and eliminate costly issues with Swagelok® sampling system training based on the teaching of industry expert Tony Waters:

Contact Us for More Information

Whether you need reliable grab sampling assemblies, supporting services to help you get better results from your sampling processes, or training to help you cost-effectively manage your sampling processes, we can help.