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Swagelok Sweden

Your Authorized Swagelok Sales and Service Center

Hose Advisory Services

Engineered to take the pressure off you.

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Swagelok Reference Point

Your go-to resource for industry insights, helpful tips, and relevant solutions to your toughest challenges.

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Configurable. Local. Reliable.

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Swagelok® Tube Fittings

Engineered to perform under pressure

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Low-Temperature Option for RHPS Series Regulators Now Available

Swagelok regulators are used within a wide range of applications, industries and environments. We are excited to offer a low-temperature nitrile seal option for our RHPS series pressure regulators for challenging low-temperature applications like those in cold climates or significant cooling due to high pressure drop. 

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Swagelok Sweden Services

Did you know that we offer services such as training, system analysis and VMI?

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Creators Of Your Custom Solutions

Learn how we can design unique solutions to address your unique concerns

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Swagelok Sweden is your local Sales and Service Center for Swagelok. 

Let us become your fluid management partner helping you with all your fluid management responsibilities - from high-quality product provision, to unique problem resolution through custom solutions.

Change the website language to Swedish at the top of the page for even more infomation about how Swagelok Sweden can become your partner in success!

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Your Swagelok Sales and Service Center in Sweden

BUSINESS HOURS: M-F 8:00-16:30


Box 6067
192 06 Sollentuna
Sjöängsvägen 10
192 72 Sollentuna

Telephone: +46 8 626 28 00 



Sisjö Kullegata 5
436 32 Askim

Telephone: +46 31 28 92 20 



Företagsvägen 30D
232 37 Arlöv

Telephone: +46 40 601 08 10


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Service Area: