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Swagelok Sweden

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Hose Advisory Services

The Swagelok® Hose Advisory Services program takes the pressure off of you.

Failed hose assemblies require time and resources you just don't have. It's better to be prepared by taking a preventative approach. Swagelok Sweden's Hose Advisory Services (HAS) team performs on-site plant surveys, reviews your systems, and provides recommendations to improve your overall operations and reduce costly downtime. 

Contact our Hose Advisory Services team today.

Specifically, we help you:

  • Drive Facility Efficiencies Save time and resources while being able to focus on more pressing priorities. 
  • Reduce Plant Maintenance Costs Prevent costs associated with continuously replacing the same problem hoses, unplanned downtime and wasted product.
  • Extend Hose Life Save money through proper hose selection and installation, because an optimally routed hose and end connection combination will have a longer life.
  • Master Hose Maintenance Better predict when systems will need attention and understand what steps are necessary to keep everything running smoothly with a customized preventative maintenance schedule.
  • Increase Safety Keep your plant and processes safe, predictable and dependable with a leak-tight products and best practices to reduce the risk of injuries and environmental damage.